Mapping & cloning replicas

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X-Replicas launching top collectible collection of Realistic Character NFT’s with a unique concept based on Sci-Fi. Each and every NFT will be Hand Drawn. Collection includes a range of Male & Female Adults & Kids Characters NFT’s with a unique concept of Cloning. Collection will include different categories of human, sci-fi and mutant characters.  Collectors will be able to Clone Free New NFT’s by using their collected Adult Male and Female NFT’s with a Cloning POD and DNA Vial in our X-Replicas Lab. In future we will launch Collectible Merchandise Market related to our NFT concept where collectors can get Free Limited Edition Collectible Merchandises related to their holding NFT’S and will get a chance to have some cool, unique and worthy collectible items on their desks. Every item will be one of its kind. Marketplace will have functionality to resell Merchandises by Auction or at Fixed Price where holders will be able to resell their unique x-replicas merchandises.


Cloning Lab

  • DNA code will be used to clone replicas 
  • Cloning will be done by using DNA Code Vial
  • Each DNA Code Clone 1 random NFT
  • Child NFT Might be belongs to Male and Female NFT characteristics 


How it works?

  • DNA Vial is unique vial with specific DNA Code
  • Each DNA Vial will be able to Clone 1 unique Child NFT
  • DNA Vial might include male or female both genders
  • DNA Code Characteristics depends upon Adult Male  and Female NFT that Person Holding 


What's is This?

  • Each Cloning POD will generate a Baby NFT.
  • Baby NFT will be cloned on the basis of DNA Code.
  • DNA code will be linked to Cloning POD
  • DNA code might be has some same characteristics that belongs to their adult Male and Female NFT’s


will see in future







  • Q1 2024

    - Launch Male & Female NFT's Collection Season 1

Will launch season 1 of Male and Female NFT’s, each and every NFT will have unique characteristics and gadgets.

  • Q2 2024

    - Launch DNA Codes
    - Launch Male & Female NFT's Collection Season 2

As soon as our 1st season of NFT’s will be out we will launch our DNA Code concept that will help our holders to Clone a new FREE Child NFT in future using X_Replicas Cloning POD. 

Meanwhile our Designer team will be ready to launch our Collection of Season 2  NFTs Including some premium and specially designed NFTs Collection.

  • Q3 2024

    - Launch Cloning Pods
    - Integration of Cloning Algorithm
    - Relaunch Website

Here we will come with our core concept of X_Replicas and we will launch our Cloning Pods. By using Cloning Pods you can Clone child NFT for Free.

After we successfully launch Cloning Pods we will integrate our Cloning Algorithm so you will be able to Clone Free NFT’s.

As soon as we will integrate our Cloning Algorithm we will Relaunch our Website and start Minting Free Child NFT’s .

  • Q4 2024

    - Start Producing Collectable Merchandises
    - Launch Merchandise Marketplace
    - Sending Out Merchandises to holders

We will design a range of unique physical items and will launch a market place where holder will be able to order free unique collectible items.

After launching Marketplace  we will start producing and sending out products.

  • Q1 2025

    - Open Marketplace for Reselling
    - Expand Road Map

Open marketplace for holders to resell your unique collectible items by auction or at fixed price and buying others.

Will Expand Road Map  and add more utility to this unique NFT project so we must keep standing in this world of w3


Who is Behind?

Agent Hawk

Project Leader

Agent Blitz


Agent Phoenix


VA Banch

Marketing Team